Knots for lanyard     -     DKK 125,-

Only the best materials used for making a CurlyDK lanyard knots.

This is the best way to "design" your own lanyard. Make it symbolise when your dog have achieved something special or you just want to have a different and beautiful "one-of-a-kind" lanyard.

Knot #1 and #2 have an aprox. height of 12 mm. Knot #3 is aprox. 5 mm in height.

All materials are treated with leather balsam, before the knot is made, which makes the knot stronger and last longer. This is truly unique, and not something you can buy in stores with these details!

You decide where the knot will be on your lanyard. There are 3 different styles to choose from in 2 different colours.

I only make knots on lanyards made by me - please no requests on any other lanyards.

There can be a slight difference on the knots because they are handcrafted.

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PRICE: DKK 125,-

Item no.: Item description:
12101 Knot #1, black
12102 Knot #1, brown (sorry - not available yet)
12201 Knot #2, black
12202 Knot #2, brown (sorry - not available yet)
12301 Knot #3, black
12302 Knot #3, brown (sorry - not available yet)

     All handcrafted items can take up to 14 days of preparing before beeing shipped.